Code of Ethics

The need for a code.

In 1972 Eleftherios Tzeranis founded the psychiatric clinic with the clear vision of making the lives of people who suffer from mental disorders, and their family members, better. Since then, us the Tzeranis family, and the employees of PsychisOmma have been working towards making this vision a reality.
Our vision, mission and ways of working have always been underpinned by the core values that guide our organization. All of our relationships with patients, family members and co-workers are guided through integrity and empathy. Our expertise is driven by the thirst for knowledge and new techniques, as well as the cooperative and collaborative environment, which we want to operate in. Reliability and even better effectiveness are our ways to successfully tackle healthcare’s complex challenges.
We have embraced our mission to provide high quality, specialized, effective and affordable clinical care to patients who trust our organization and our choice is to do that by building an effective and sustainable healthcare system that presupposes the efficient management of finite resources.”
With this in mind, we expect a lot from ourselves. Our patients, business partners, colleagues, and society share these expectations. To support and ensure that all of us live up to these expectations we have supplemented our values with our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct will help us to meet such expectations and even exceed them, as it describes our ethical approach towards our patients, our business partners, our employees, the environment and our company’s assets.

Our ethical approach towards patients

Commitment to improve our patients’ health and wellbeing
Our patients and their families trust us to provide them with the proper healthcare services. This entails an extensive responsibility for us and it is up to us to live up to their expectations. Integrity and empathy steer our relationships with patients and family members. We retain a constructive dialogue with them.
Our employees have an affirmative obligation to

  • Provide service that meets the patient’s medical necessity, as identified through clinical assessment.
  • Provide patients and families with all information concerning services and treatment when and to the extent required by applicable laws and regulations and/or by sound clinical practice.
  • Not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, sex, marital status and physical or mental handicap in the provision of services.
  • Report suspected abuse and neglect as required.
  • Devotedly respect and follow the principles of the Greek Code of Medical Ethics.

Protect our patients’ personal data
We recognize that when practicing our profession we deal with data of a personal nature and sensitive information and we undertake to strictly comply with existing legislation for the protection of personal data, with the aim to guarantee our patients’ control over such data (access, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition, portability).
In particular we commit to

  • Ensure to obtain people’s consent for the collection of their personal data and sensitive information and inform them of the type of information we collect, how we intend to use it and how they can contact us if they have questions.
    Collect personal information that is essential for providing our services and only retain them for the necessary duration of said purpose.
    Ensure the secure storage of personal data and limit the dissemination of personal data to strictly authorized persons

It is all about Business Integrity.
The way we deal with our business partners shall be characterized by honesty, respect, fairness and integrity. PsychisOmma shall comply with the laws and regulations. We shall not offer or accept from our business partners, any rewards or benefits that violate any applicable laws or this Code. Any type of corruption is contradictory to the objective of doing good business. We have zero tolerance towards corruption in any form.

Vendors of goods and services shall be selected based on objective criteria including quality, technical excellence, price delivery and adherence to schedules, service and maintenance of adequate sources of supply. Based on available information, we will make sure of our business partners reputation and we see to it that our business partners comply with and understand our ethical code.
For substantial investments procurement shall be implemented by competitive bid.

Avoid conflicts of interest
Within Inter PsychisOmma we shall always make business decisions based on what is in the best interest of the company. Decisions shall never be based on personal considerations or relationships. A conflict of interest is defined as any clash, potential or real, between the interests of the company and the personal interest of an employee or his social circle. We must avoid situations in which our personal interests may conflict with, or even just appear to conflict with, the interests of the company.
Assessing whether there is a conflict of interest is sometimes difficult. If in any doubt, always be transparent and ask your manager.

The following are some types of situations that we have to be particularly aware of:

Business opportunities:
None of us may take business opportunities for ourselves, which may arise during the course of our duties for PsychisOmma, if this could be contrary to the interests of the company. Nor may any of us use company property or information for any type of personal gain. If in doubt, always ask management for clarification.


Other employment:
Any employment outside of PsychisOmma, with or without compensation, must not influence our employees’ job performance. We may not engage in outside business interests that divert time and attention away from our work responsibilities or require work during company time.
Nor shall any employee accept any outside engagement or employment the pursuit of which conflicts with the ability of the employee to discharge properly his or her duties to PsychisOmma. Outside employment shall be disclosed to and approved by the management of the company.

Gifts and invitations:
PsychisOmma employees are not allowed to offer or accept gifts, benefits, reimbursements to or from a third party. Cash payments and other gifts, whether of large or small amounts, could be regarded as bribes and not be accepted. Offers of this nature must be politely but firmly declined and reported to your supervisor.
However, we recognize that the acceptance of small advertising or promotional items, with no commercial value as well as modest hospitality and invitations to events of reasonable and customary nature may be a legitimate contribution to building good business relationships.

Our ethical approach towards employees

We build a workplace that is safe and healthy, but also a diverse and inclusive one.
All employees at PsychisOmma are entitled to a workplace that observes human rights and does not pose a threat to their health or their safety.
We will offer that by following the principles of

Equal opportunities
We support diversity and we hire and treat our co-workers in a manner that does not discriminate with regards to gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, social or ethnic origin.
Zero tolerance in harassment
No form of harassment is tolerated within PsychisOmma. By that we refer to any unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, physical or visual, that is based on a person’s race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, height, weight, marital status, veteran status or disability or any other legally protected characteristic.

A good and safe workplace
We always want to maintain a motivating work environment that encourages the expression of our people skills and where everyone feels that their differences and specific characteristics are respected.
We are also committed to take all reasonable measures and precautions to provide a safe and healthy working environment. We will comply with all legal and regulatory provisions as well hygiene and safety procedures and guidelines. We expect that our employees will also contribute actively by adopting a cautious, vigilant and responsible attitude.

Ban of alcohol and drug consumption
We do not tolerate or allow the consumption of alcohol and the unlawful possession, use, manufacture or distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol on or in its premises. No employee shall consume alcohol or be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol while acting in the course and scope of his or her employment. An employee who knows or suspects the consumption, unlawful or unauthorized possession, use, manufacture or distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol by another employee must promptly notify his or her supervisor.

Our ethical approach towards the environment

We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.
PsychisOmma decision is to adopt an eco-responsible approach and limit the impact of its activities on the environment by combining economic performance with environmental conservation.

Our wish is to mainstream environmental sustainability into our core organizational functions. The question we need to answer is, therefore, how we can do so within their existing regulatory frameworks, core mandates and resource constraints.
To answer that we will strive for the,
⬧ efficient use of energy, water and raw materials are used efficiently,
⬧ minimization of waste and residual products
⬧ proper management of any hazardous waste
⬧ sustainable procurement
⬧ reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants
⬧ engagement of our workforce as an agent of sustainability;
⬧ promotion of innovative models of care

Reputation is a valuable asset
PsychisOmma image and reputation are valuable tools for the conduct of our activities and for our development. To continue to win the trust of the patients and their families but also that of the authorities and all business partners with whom we have ties, we must ensure that our professional attitude reflects our company’s values.
We operate in a supervised and regulated environment. PsychisOmma undertakes to comply with the regulations and decisions of the authorities and to consider that the remarks, recommendations and requests of our oversight bodies offer opportunities for enhancing our processes and constantly improve our services. Moreover we are expected to help maintain positive relations of trust with the authorities, by cultivating with their representatives a dialogue that is transparent, constructive, collaborative and proactive.
It is our interest to protect the company’s business and operational information. Any employee who has access to such information shall safeguard it at all times and will limit its communication to those who absolutely need it to carry out their duties. Such information may be financial information, business plans, information about patients, employees and other types of sensitive information.

Physical assets
As part of their jobs employees have access to a number of goods, tools and resources that form the company’s assets. By taking care of these assets we facilitate PsychisOmma economic development and we maintain a high quality working environment.
Everyone must respect these assets, use them for strictly professional purposes, protect them against any loss, theft, damage or misuse and maintain them regularly in order to ensure long product life.

We comply with the Code and the law

All of us working for PsychisOmma are subject to the laws and regulations of our country. In the case that the Code is in conflict with the law, the law always prevails over the Code. If the Code stipulates higher demands that the law, the Code predominates.

Use common sense
We must always use our sound judgement and our common sense. In the course of your daily work, you may face difficult situations. If you are in doubt about any of your actions, simply ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Is it consistent with our Code?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Is it legal?
  • Will it reflect well on the company’s reputation?
  • Am I willing to stand up for my behavior publicly?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, do not do it. Whenever you are uncertain, always be transparent and ask your supervisor for guidance.

Raise concerns early
PsychisOmma strives to have an open culture of inclusiveness. Each of us could potentially find ourselves in a situation where we are uncertain or have concerns. All of us are encouraged and should feel empowered to come forward to discuss ideas, improvements, and different views and, in good faith, also raise concerns we might have.
It is always best to address a situation or an issue in a plain straightforward manner directly with the person involved. But we also recognize that there might be situations when one of us might feel uncomfortable doing that. You should then talk to your supervisor or, if needed, to any higher level manager.




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