Personality Disorders

Every person has a distinct set of elements or characteristics of his personality, which are resilient and enduring types or ways of perceiving and thinking about the environment and himself. Which come to the surface in a wide range of social and personal situations. The mere presence of such personality traits does not, of course, mean pathology. We find that one can have a case of a Personality Disorder when these elements are so maladaptive and rigid that they cause a long-term functional pattern with behaviors, thoughts and feelings, which deviate from societal norms and lead to abnormal habits and behaviors. The individual’s life is affected, especially his relationships, resulting in significant disability in the three basic dimensions of life – love, work and fun.

The therapeutic approach that is usually followed in these cases is individual psychotherapy that combines psychoanalytic and cognitive technique. In some forms of personality disorder such as Antisocial Personality Disorder, therapeutic effort requires hospitalization in a therapeutically structured environment with clear and consistent limits and monitoring of their behavior.

Source: Nikos Manos (1988), Vasika Stoicheia Klinikis Psychiatrikis, University Studio Press

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