Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. ” (William A. Foster).

For us quality cannot be a coincidence. It is the result of specific actions and choices. It is true that there are many different views and ideas on how to do things in the field of mental health.

Our choices and the ways of fulfilling our mission are inextricably linked to medical ethics and our commitment to the quality of the services offered.

We follow a strict quality system, which is based on five pillars:

  • Special protocols and procedures governing medical care.
  • Personnel training.
  • Traceability of procedures and care provided to patients.
  • Regular internal audits that examine the degree of compliance to the procedures and the selected protocols, and monitor the corrective actions taken over time.
  • Internationally recognized external audits and certifications which provide a true guarantee of transparency to patients and their families.
See here the quality policy of our clinic.

When we speak about quality we are referring to…

Patient safety

Patient safety is often defined as the “absence of side effects” in medical care. Our understanding goes far beyond this necessary self-evident definition. The design of our premises is based on the predictability of situations that may threaten the safety of patients. We consider the utilization of protocols and guidelines in the field of mental health related to patient safety as a shared responsibility that concerns all staff, but also the management of the clinic.

Adequate building infrastructure, controlled and safe entry-exit of the premises, staff training, organized care framework, one-on-one monitoring of patients, frequent assessment of their self-destructiveness and hetero-destructiveness, and other related factors shape the appropriate security.

Patient satisfaction

We recognize the measurement of patient satisfaction as an important indicator of quality.

It is the degree to which we have succeeded in meeting the needs, expectations of the patient and their families.

The high response rate to our clinic questionnaires documents the interest of patients and their environment in a vibrant developmental culture and has demonstrated a number of factors that affect patient satisfaction.

We refer to factors such as easy accessibility, rapid response, respect for their dignity and needs, immediacy and communication, explanation of procedures and finally cooperation with the supportive care environment.


The clinic has all the required licenses and certifications for its legal operation.

In addition, it has installed and implements a Quality Management System for the provision of secondary mental health care services, ISO 9001/2015, one of the most widespread international quality standards.

Also, recognizing the importance of information security managed by our clinic, we have developed a relevant management system, which is certified with ISO 27001/2013, the most well-known International Standard for Information Security Management Systems.

Within the framework of these certifications, the clinic has developed policies and procedures that make it fully competitive and support its dynamic development.


Protection of Personal Data

Strongly believing in the fundamental right of people to self-determination, we are committed to the protection of the personal data of our patients, our employees and our associates. We are also committed to ensuring a lawful and consistent approach to the protection and processing of this data.

We are fully in line with the European legislation for the protection of personal data, the current legal framework of our country for the provision of health services as well as the Code of Medical Ethics.

H πρώτη ψυχιατρική κλινική που ενσωματώνει ένα ψηφιακό εργαλείο ψυχικής υγείας στην παρακολούθηση των ασθενών.

Η ψηφιακή Λύση Monsenso συνεισφέρει στη διατήρηση της θεραπευτικής σχέσης και δίνει τη δυνατότητα μιας πιο ουσιαστικής συνεργασίας των ειδικών μας με τους ασθενείς.




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